Candle Creations By M & J

Our Business was established in 2002 as a hobby . Owned by Mia Veasey who is also the candle maker and designer . My husband Jonathan Veasey is Co- Owner /Head Investor and Promoter. Here at Candle Creations by M & J We are a Family operated Family Oriented Small Business

Candles provide an alluring, smell, relaxation and illuminating look. We have many different scents to choose from for Gel, Wax Candles and Soy. Our candles are Unisex Candles. Candles range from Tarts, Party Favor Tarts , Votive, Pillars and Soy Candles in 4oz tin. Gift Basket(s)available made with a personal touch created for a specific person or event lots of goodies loaded in the baskets. All candles can be shipped as a gift . Or schedule a candle party to receive candle products for free.

One of our most popular candles is the forever candle . It is called the Forever Candle because it does just that. It is a custom candle that can designed to go with themes(beach) that the customers are interested in, We can customize it to say or have anything fit for any occasion. Whether it is proposing, wedding, Birthday, Baby arrival, get well, Remembrance, Graduation, Mother's and Father's Day !The Forever Candle is a perfect gift for men, women and are safe for Kids . Each candle comes in its own special box. Our motto is "if you can Dream it we can design it ".

Ambiancecandlecreationsbymia@gmail.com or
Ambiancecandlecreationsbymia (Facebook)

Mia Veasey-CEO,Designer,Candle Maker
Jonathan Veasey Co-Owner


If you can dream it we can create it!!!!!

If you can dream it we can create it!!!!!
Small Sea Shell Candle $20.50

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Candle Orders


I have orders coming in daily. Don't delay put your orders in early for Valentines Day and Mother's Day,Easter,Graduation,Birthday,Weddings and Anniversary.

We have 9 orders a total of 22 candles!!!!!

New Candle Orders

Good morning,

I'm up and working on some candle orders, thinking about new candles to create. I received a new order last night for 3 valentines day candles. I worked on updating my brochure, It is ready you can call me and I will send you out one,two or three! I'm so proud of it!!! Still working on my shoe candle it is not popping like I want it to and I can't have less then perfect candles! Lol ! I have some great ideals for a Mother's Day 4 Ever Candle I'm excited:) Last I'm looking at up and coming Spring shows for my Candles:-)
Please contact me to place an order at anytime by e-mailing me at ambiancecandlecreationsbymia@gmail.com
Also you can call me at (302)996-0125

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Candle Creations

Hello everyone,

Working on candles orders today, about to go out shopping for supplies. Creating 4 Happy Birthday candles and a New Creation a Shoe and Purse 4 Ever Candle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Candle Orders

It has been a long week! I have been taking orders the last couple of days and finishing orders my last one I just recently posted a order of six baby shower candles. I'm working on a total of 5 orders 15 candles. I'm excited about each order and can't wait to start creating. I picked up some supplies today and need to pick up more 2morrow. Keep checking me out daily! Remember orders coming in daily so don't delay place your order today by calling (302)996-0215 or send me an e-mail at ambiancecandlecreationsbymia@gmail.com

Candle Orders(Baby Shower)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New and approved 4 Ever Cinnamon Stick Candle

Cinnamon Stick 4 Ever Candle
Cinnamon Scent(Will Scent up a room)

Filled an order of 2 today: -)

Baby Shower Candle Order

It's A Girl !!!!

Baby Girl 4 Ever Candles order .
Six candles ordered with baby powder scent.
I'm excited about order it is for my cousins baby shower.

Ambiance Candle Creations 4 Ever Candle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday 4 Ever Candle(Cake Bake Scent)

More Pictures of my New 4 Ever Candle Great for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day 4 Ever Candle

Here is my new candle!! (Retirement) for a special order! I use stars, balloons,presents and silver ribbon. It is being packaged for delivery for tonight.
Thanks for the order keep them coming :)
Retirement 4 ever candle
4 Ever Candle $12.00
Any Scent

Monday, January 18, 2010

4 Ever Candle Design

4 Ever Sea Shell Candle $12.00 (Any Scent)

Candle Making

Good Day!
Working on a couple of candle orders a Retirement Candle and Baby Shower Candles! Will post picks later on here ans Face Book.