Candle Creations By M & J

Our Business was established in 2002 as a hobby . Owned by Mia Veasey who is also the candle maker and designer . My husband Jonathan Veasey is Co- Owner /Head Investor and Promoter. Here at Candle Creations by M & J We are a Family operated Family Oriented Small Business

Candles provide an alluring, smell, relaxation and illuminating look. We have many different scents to choose from for Gel, Wax Candles and Soy. Our candles are Unisex Candles. Candles range from Tarts, Party Favor Tarts , Votive, Pillars and Soy Candles in 4oz tin. Gift Basket(s)available made with a personal touch created for a specific person or event lots of goodies loaded in the baskets. All candles can be shipped as a gift . Or schedule a candle party to receive candle products for free.

One of our most popular candles is the forever candle . It is called the Forever Candle because it does just that. It is a custom candle that can designed to go with themes(beach) that the customers are interested in, We can customize it to say or have anything fit for any occasion. Whether it is proposing, wedding, Birthday, Baby arrival, get well, Remembrance, Graduation, Mother's and Father's Day !The Forever Candle is a perfect gift for men, women and are safe for Kids . Each candle comes in its own special box. Our motto is "if you can Dream it we can design it ".

Ambiancecandlecreationsbymia@gmail.com or
Ambiancecandlecreationsbymia (Facebook)

Mia Veasey-CEO,Designer,Candle Maker
Jonathan Veasey Co-Owner


If you can dream it we can create it!!!!!

If you can dream it we can create it!!!!!
Small Sea Shell Candle $20.50

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hazel Nut and French Vanilla Coffee Gel Candle

Coffee Anyone!
$8.00 gel candle
Can create a Tea Candle also.

We produce Votives in all colors and scents.
2 for $1.00
1 dozen for $5.50

Royal Blue
Scarlet Red
Seafoam Green
Blue Teal

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Candles to come!

Hair Salon
Bridal Shower
Blue Butterfly
Get Well Candle
Mother's Day

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Butterfly choices for 4 Ever Candles

Lighted Candles

Small 4 Ever Candle with Ribbon(Tie the Knot)

Small Wedding Candle

This Candle is a Smaller Size, we created it with pink leaves, Wedding Rings and Strawberries and Cream Scent.

Wedding Day Candle

This is a 4 Ever Candle! It was created with purple flowers and Wedding Day scent.
Candle can be created with any color flowers or scent. Prices start at $15.00 and up for this size candle, we can create in a smaller size.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wedding Day Tart(Large)

Wedding Tart place setting decoration.
A small gift for all attending your big day.
We can add your special touches.
This one is Wedding Day Scent.
Call for prices.

Baby Boy 4 Ever Candle

Baby Boy 4 Ever Candle

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Small Pink and Orange Butterfly 4 Ever Candle

These candles have b en ordered with a couple
This is a small candle $12.00 with tea lights and gift wrapping!

Large Butterfly 4 Ever Candle (Butterfly Kisses Scent)

This is one of my favorites and a top seller.
This candles is $17.00.
I also have one which is $15.00 with not as may butterflies.